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Turn Heel - Freckerr Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Directed by: Matt Freckingham, Jason Impey
Written by: Kerr Wykes
Produced by: Kerr Wykes, Baron Mynd, Dan Grainger, Mr. Horse
Cinematography by: Jason Impey
Editing by: Jason Impey
Special Effects by: Kerr Wykes, Johnny Gore, Dan Grainger
Cast: Matt Freckingham, Baron Mynd, Kerr Wykes, Dan Grainger, Mr. Horse
Year: 2016
Color: Color
Runtime: 20min

Studio: Freckerr Productions

Turn Heel, is a pretty little splatter opus coming from the U.K. taking a love for wrestling and gore movies and making a deformed mongoloid inbred abomination out of the two. One of the directors, Matt Freckingham, is known for his horror Blog Matt's Rotten Reviews and is an avid supporter of the underground movie scene. The other director, Jason Impey, has a couple of other horror shorts out there, including his snuff style film Fluid Boy. Baron Mynd, who also stars in Turn Heel, does a YouTube channel titled Baron Mynd's Nasty Finds, which features some great underground movie reviews.

Freckingham and Fx guy/filmmaker, Kerr Wykes, wrote Turn Heel combing their two loves: gore films and over-the-top wrestling but not the pussy shit we call wrestling today. Back in the hay day it actually had some big throbbing balls. Crazy barbwire matches, wrestlers like Abdullah the Butcher in great feuds with The Sheik and blood, tissue and spit flying everywhere. Nowadays it’s just a scripted soap opera, I can't and won't force myself to watch. The term “Heel” is or was used back in the good ol' days of wrestling to describe a villain or "bad guy."  If you’re into wrestling history, you should do yourself a favor and pick up the book The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Heels written by Greg Oliver and Steve Johnson. This book practically covers every bad guy in wrestling history.

Simple German-style splatter film formula is applied here for Turn Heel. We get a cool intro to give us some insight of the insanity going on in the killer’s mind. He is a masked wrestling lunatic named Verne (played by Freckington). I appreciate the cool retro look of the movie, which was obviously intentional, but with a couple shots it really interferes with even seeing some of the characters faces by blurring them out. The gore effects are done at an extremely high calibre for this type of low budget film. Kudos to Fx guys Kerr Wykes, Johnny Gore and Dan Grainger -- keep up the good work gentlemen!

The sound in the film is hit or miss, especially when the three victims-to-be, are talking. It’s all low and in the background. I understand budget restraints and what not, but it would have been nice if the movie had went on a bit longer than the 20 minute running time to showcase more great Fx work. There are only three kills due to a very small cast, which only served as an appetizer and stimulated my palate for more. Let’s hope Freckerr Productions releases more material in the future. I understand they are gearing up for another film titled Cherish.

For information and obtaining a copy of
Turn Heel, contact Matt N Freck on Facebook or Freckerr Productions. Maybe Verne will return for a sequel and practice some sadistic wrestling moves on his next batch of victims?! Let’s hope so!






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