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Unholy Ground - Director's Cut/X-tended Cut - Black Lava - DVD Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Directed by: Günther Brandl
Written by: Günther Brandl
Produced by: Günther Brandl
Cinematography by: Helmut Brandl
Editing by: ?
Special Effects by: Günther Brandl
Music by: Rene Bidmon
Cast: Günther Brandl, Jurgen Lill, Nadja Holz, Monika Brandl, Thomas Pill, Stefan Muhlbauer, Mila Moore, Matthias Sigl
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 55min

Studio: Brandl Pictures
Distributor: Black Lava Entertainment

Günther Brandl and family run Brandl Pictures, an independent low budget indie film company in Germany. They have a number of titles under their belt, including Deep in My Mind, Castle of Horror and Moor Monster. I am only familiar with Günther in the movie Necrophile Passion, I had no idea about Brandl Pictures until I stumbled upon their Facebook page and reading about their upcoming movies Moor Monster and Unholy Ground -- both which sounded spectacular. I had also watched a trailer for Castle of Horror which looks like a brilliant movie shot in a beautiful castle. I contacted Brandl Pictures and was graciously and surprisingly sent two physical clam shell DVD's of their releases including Deep in My Mind and a 2-disc DVD of Unholy Ground.

Most of their releases do not contain English subtitles which is a turn off for some but after watching the trailer for Castle of Horror, I think I would be willing to give it a shot. Fortunately Unholy Ground is blessed with English subtitles and it’s a good thing because the movie is not just a splatter fest, there is a lot going on and a lot of different characters with plot elements which need to be understood. That being said, don't worry because there is enough gore, sex and nudity to keep those with the more sleazy side at bay as well. Brandl and co went all out with this ‘70s style dedication to the occult and satanic movies of that era, as well as a nod to nunsploitation and even tentacle porn (?) movies all rolled into one.

Unholy Ground is quite the ambitious low budget project. The sets are very cool; it’s like a whole village in the woods set in the era of 1789 during the Russian/Swedish war. It’s not a total blood feast from beginning to end because we get into the village, meet the characters and experience an incident that then puts the village’s inhabitants at risk. It’s by no means a perfect film, and it has its flaws, but kudos to Brandl and team for putting together such a cool project. You could obviously tell the passion is there and the movie is a fun time.

This double DVD release contains two versions of Unholy Ground. We get the Director’s Cut, which is the original version, and then the X-tended Cut, which contains more gore and hardcore XXX porn-style sex scenes. Of course, being one of sleazy and questionable taste, I skipped right to the X-tended Cut. Unholy Ground is a crazy trip, that’s all I can say and I don't want to ruin it by running down the whole plot scene by scene. It builds nicely and the viewer is given a visual barrage of carnal decadence in the form of lusty orgies, masturbating nuns and hardcore penetration sex, which our glorious director Brandl is usually the purveyor of. In one scene, Brandl is a religious monk and in the next, the power of the dark lord has a nun sucking him off – it’s literally fucking brilliant stuff. I had a hell of a great time with this one. It’s nice to see movies like this still being made because reviewers like myself get a kick out of this shit. It opens our jaded desensitized eyes and makes us appreciate the art of low budget underground filmmaking, and takes it to another level. 

Horned goats, hornier nuns, erected crosses, stiffer penile erections – it’s all here in satanic glory. Unholy Ground is about a village during the Russian/Swedish war in the late 1700's. The village has obviously seen its hardships with the war and beyond. A group of soldiers arrive with a wounded comrade and they are hesitantly helped by the inhabitants, who have been reduced to monks, nuns, seniors, etcetera, due to the war effort. There is a dark past in the village, and dark secrets all around which will be uncovered while the soldiers hold up there. All is not what it seems.

The orgy scenes are something to behold, lots of skin, shaved and semi shaved pussies (something to please everyone!!!), bouncing tits and nice plump juicy asses abound. Fingers, human dicks, monster dicks penetrating pussies -- do you want to see this yet? The gore effects are also well done and that scene during the conclusion reminds me somewhat of the ending hell scene in Olaf Ittenbach’s The Burning Moon – it’s awesome. This is a wild low budget production that pulls out all the stops.

There are obviously flaws and slip-ups like any movie. I don't have a dislike for the movie, I enjoyed it immensely but some stuff is noticeable. The acting is good for the most part but some of the actors, especially in the group village discussion scenes, look like they are trying to hold back laughter and smiling at serious parts in the film. We get the occasional glimpse of the Timex wrist watch, and a female actor’s designer boots, plus one of the monsters looks like a guy in a gorilla suit. All is minor shit in the grand scheme of things, and I love the film, so I'm almost nit-picking to find something.

Unholy Ground is one of the best times I've had watching a German Underground film in a while. It’s fresh, entertaining, adventurous and filled with TITTIES and PUSSIES!!! All joking aside, this is a must have and available for a pittance at Black Lava Entertainment for a measly 13 euros which contains 2-discs, so pick this fucker up immediately or check out Brandl Pictures.





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 Aspect Ratio: 16x9
 Region: PAL R0
 Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo

 – Outtakes
 – Behind the Scenes
 – Trailer
 – Music Video

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