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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A.K.A.: Untot, Untot - Undead Unleashed, Untot - Kämpfer in der Leichenwelt,

Directed by: Martin Erfling
Written by: Martin Erfling
Produced by: Martin Erfling
Cinematography by: Martin Erfling
Editing by: Can Elbasi
Music by: Sebastian Uckel
Special Effects: Martin Erfling
Cast: Sebastian Feil, Hans Huser, Stefan Uckel, Rainer Dusing, Carsten Zielmann, Maarten Vellekoop
Year: 2009
Country: Germany
Language: German (English subtitles)
Runtime: 1h 30min

Studio: FunAct Pictures

Untot: Undead Unleashed is one Hell of a German splatter ride! Like with most good splatter films, a majority of it takes place in the woods, but there is one cool scene that goes down in a bar that the undead have taken over and it’s a seriously entertaining segment. It’s a low-budget-style offering, in the same vein as other German splatter films by Andreas Schnaas, old Olaf Ittenbach, Timo Rose stuff and such films as The Knochenwald trilogy. Untot: Undead Unleashed is also very humorous underneath all that gore so its slapstick splatter in the style of old Peter Jackson films or say Das Komabrutale Duell, but better.

It’s a splatter gorehounds wet dream. Nonstop carnage throughout with a story thrown in the mix for good measure. Machine guns bullet riddle corpses, gas lawn trimmers grind into guts, drills burrow into body cavities, chainsaw's sever limbs, push lawnmowers plow into heads; in one instance a wood chipper is used to splash blood everywhere and the gore pièce de résistance is the use of a fucking steamroller to pancake out some unfortunate undead fucks. We get tons of stabbings, bludgeonings and eviscerations abound!!!!

The story is nothing drastic and is basically put in place to accommodate the gore. The plot has a group of brothers crawling out of the woods after years of "uncivilized" living, to only discover that everyone in society has turned into an undead killing-machine feasting on the living. Some of the brothers want to fight, some want to flee, so they split up and bad shit ensues. Most of them meet up again, some are more fucked up than others and eventually they find out the truth behind their family history.

Just go into this one expecting ludicrous nonsensical splatter and you'll enjoy the ride. You could say this is a family movie of brotherly love and exploration of the human psyche but fuck it. It is about family and they are killing together so it could be considered sentimental. The gore effects in this range from impressive to "look at the bag of blood buddy is hiding in front of his belly underneath his shirt!" Untot: Undead Unleashed is a cool film. The outtakes show the crew having a grand time making it. Based on the amount of gore in this alone, it gets top marks strictly from a splatter film perspective and will go down as a classic in the genre. Kudos to FunAct Pictures for giving me the 2 DVD Special Uncut Edition -- it’s a sweet piece of splatter to add to your collection so pick it up. Check out the FunAct Pictures official website for more info or message FunAct Pictures on Facebook.


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 Aspect Ratio: 16:9
 Region: PAL
 Audio: Dolby Digital Mono

 – Audio Commentaries
 – Making of
 – Outtakes
 – Trailers
 – English subtitles

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