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Written by David L Tamarin   
Sunday, 22 March 2009
Ugly World by David L. Tamarin --

David L Tamarin Ugly World 5.0 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it “wet cunt”

Couples That Kill, Mice Eating Mice and Much More…

Update on Video Game Murder

 Bonnie and Clyde - Ugly World: Five - Last month I reported on a boy who shot his parents, killing one of them, over the game Halo 3.  An Ohio judge ruled against the little fuckin’ psycho-nerd’s defense that the murder was caused by Halo 3. Source: PC World.Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - Ugly World: Five -

The Kill Couple: Bonnie and Clyde meets Marquis de Sade and Elizabeth Bathory

A couple is on trial in France for a series of rapes and murders.  The male killed at least seven girls, between the ages of 12 and 22.  The most shocking is the fact that his wife helped him out, even helping him select victims. The man, Michel Fourniet, had met his wife by placing an ad looking for a penpal while he served time in jail for sex crimes.  Both blamed the other for the murders.

This is reminiscent of Ian Brady case involving sexual sadists killing children with the help and encouragement of their wives.  The prosecutor called him a "GROTESQUE CLOWN"(!!!) and she was his "bloody muse".  "You make me want to vomit!" the prosecutor yelled at the couple.  The man is a suspect in several other murders:

Natural Born Killers!Natural Born Killers - Ugly World: Five -

Cannibalism Clean

A study has determined that mice in clean cages are more likely to resort to cannibalism than those in dirty cages.  Don't ask me why.  Was this a deliberate study or did they just forget to clean the cage and notice that they stopped eating each other.

Harry Potter Actor Bites the Fuckin’ Dust

In other news, one of the actors from the upcoming Harry Potter film was stabbed to death.

LEAD STORY: Vampire Lesbian Kill Couple and the Death Kiss

Australia  - Two young lesbians, now 19 and 20, viciously murdered a sixteen year old girl because she irritated them. After chaining her and beating her to death, a prolonged process that took half an hour, the two women kissed each over the corpse, a lesbian death kiss. Then they filmed the blood-splattered crime scene and the semi-nude body. When the agonizing death was described in Court Monday the two killers laughed and giggled.  Ha Ha Ha

The victim, Stacy Mitchell, had recently moved to Australia with her two parents. She was 16 years old, and maintained a myspace page. She was a young and happy girl. She was a ride operator at an amusement park. She moved in with strangers she irritated and three days later they viciously killed her and dumped her body in a wheelie bin in a boiling hot shed where it festered in the backyard for several days.Vampyros Lesbo - Ugly World: Five -

Her myspace is

The two killers lived with the victim and a 27 year old man at the man’s father’s house. Stacey had moved in just three days before they murdered her. Why did they kill her? She irritated them. She was "pushing their buttons". She was "so annoying".

"No one should destroy your happiness and you should kill anyone who does". That is the cold-blooded philosophy of killer Valerie Paige Parashumti. She should run for US President or run a big corporation like Disney.

Another theory was that the two women were in a bizarre and obsessive relationship and were trying to prove their love to each other. In fact, the court held that the 27 year old man whose father’s house they lived in was guilty of accessory after the fact and that he was pathologically dependent on Parashumti, the dominant one. Another theory was that Parashumti wanted to prove to  Jessica Stasinowsky, her lover and partner-in-crime, that she was not sexually interested in the attractive Stacy.

David was invited to participate in the killing but refused. When he saw the girls carrying a huge concrete slab he went upstairs and blasted music, willfully ignoring the atrocity. He was still able to hear smashes, a loud thunk, and Stacey screaming for help, for a period of half an hour. I don’t know what he was listening too, maybe evangelical classical music. The neighborhood often heard fighting but did nothing.

The Vampire Lovers - Ugly World: Five - The two killers and the man discussed using chainsaws and lime to destroy the corpse. They visited a department store to look for help.

Vampyros Lesbo - Ugly World: Five - Stacy, the young man, and the two killers were drinking one night and they put sleeping pills in her drink. Then the two killers attacked Stacy and one began hitting her repeatedly with the large concrete block. After many bashes, she remained conscious, so they tied her up with a dog collar and beat her and beat her until she was dead.

For thirty straight minutes they bashed her head in with a huge concrete block. At one point they took a break, exasperated by the body’s refusal to die, and they had to discus what to do. One strangled her with a dog chain while the other continued beating her with the block.

Her face was smashed in and unrecognizable, a grotesque carnival of flesh and bone and pain.

Before the murder, David Haynes, the 27 year old, found Parashumti grinding up glass in a mortar and pestle which she planned on putting in Stacy’s drink. She also planned on burying her head in the sand to shut her up. In the end they bludgeoned her to death, bashing her head to pieces.

Then they began recording. They mocked Stacey’s British accent, and mocked her corpse, all before the eye of the camera. They film the blood-splattered walls and the semi-nude corpse. Finally, the coup de grace. The two lesbian psycho lovers kissed over the dead body. They later giggled in court when the agonizing murder was described. There was "a great deal of blood" said someone who saw the tape. One source said they are seen pulling back the cover that she was wrapped in and then "abused" by both women (Daily Echo online)

I read over a dozen articles, and one of them claimed that the girls forced an unnamed 15 year old boy to watch the tape and clean up the blood (perthnow), although there was no mention of this in the other articles.

One of the kill couple was said to be part of a "vampire subculture". This sounds like bullshit. Like the way they said the West Memphis Three were part of a satanic murder subculture. There is no evidence to indicate vampyric activity other than that one had obsessed about drinking blood since age 10.

In a sinister coincidence, a 16 year old teenager, like Stacy, was killed. Eliza Jane Davis was strangled to death by her teenage female friends with a speaker wire before burying her under the house.

Wicked Witch - Ugly World: Five - Rhymes with Witch

Witch Fight in Salem - Rival witches placed raccoon intestines on the doors of two local witch-owned shops. The perpetrator was Sharon Graham of Salem, who calls herself a "high priestess" and who tried to frame a rival witch. There was a stuffed coyote on a totem pole in her apartment. Black cat fight!

Busted with Fake Weed

Broccoli - Ugly World: Five - Speaking of "high" priestesses, a Philadelphia man was arrested for buying a pound of broccoli that he believed was marijuana. Not only did he pay $500 for the broccoli but also he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Think about it- you get ripped off when you buy your pot- some dickhead sells you broccoli- and you lose all that money- then you get busted. Sucker.

sources: Metro Boston News, exhibitA news, BostonNow.

12 Year old girl goes Manson on her family

A 12 year old was given a 10 year prison sentence in Canada for brutally butchering her entire family (she is 14, but was 12 at the time of the murders). This multiple murderer was dating a much older man which upset her parents.

The young girl stabbed and slashed her 8 year old brother and her parents.

She is in talks with various networks to get her own reality show.

Seriously Odd Serial Killer

I referred to this case in a previous column. In Thailand, a security guard was arrested for 10 murders. The serial killer would cruise around looking for security guards who were sleeping on the job. This made him extremely angry and he would beat them with an iron pipe or wooden stick. In 10 months he attacked 18 security guards, killing 10. What an odd motive.


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