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Ugly World: Two Print E-mail
Written by David L Tamarin   
Thursday, 05 February 2009

Ugly World by David L. Tamarin --


Ugly World: Two -- Sex Slave - www.Severed-Cinema.comHow do you make a hormone? Punch her in the face. I got a snuff movie dropped in the mail slot yesterday which I’ll review for my next column. The box was covered in smeared bloody fingerprints.

Sex slavery -- it’s a reality in today’s world -- just check my basement. Recently a 28 year old from Guatemala was busted for running a sex slavery ring. Not only was she busted but so were five of her family members. I can’t believe the government is cracking down on small family businesses! The woman lured many youngsters, some aged 13, into their slave ring with the promise of good jobs. Apparently being a slave is not considered a good job. All the slaves in my basement agree (at least, all of those currently conscious). According to Deputy Burchell, truckers in Texas can get on a CB and order some “sweet stuff”. And they ain’t talking ice cream. Some are not made into sex slaves but forced into stripping, pornography, and mail-order marriage. Another woman busted for her involvement in a sex trafficking ring is a 61 year old 4 foot 10 Grandma. Her ring, based out of Mexico, had women  being forced to fuck, suck and everything else for  twelve hours a day. Hey, they’re hard workers! Forced abortions, beatings, torture and rape were all served up on a regular basis as well.Ugly World: Two -- Cracky --

My favorite porn site, which I heard about on the Howard Stern show, is Crackhead whores are subject to humiliating questions before being forced into humiliating actions. It is the interviews that are most disturbing. Most of the girls were severely molested and raped as kids, and several had boyfriends, stepfathers and relatives who were serial killers. One woman bragged that her brother was on death row for killing 18 women. One woman herself had been on America’s Most Wanted, and several had relatives who had been on the show. A typical exchange: Did you ever fuck your stepbrothers? Not voluntarily. Extremely unerotic. If someone decides to commit suicide by hanging himself, is that auto-un-erotic-asphyxiation?

Ugly World: Two -- Ronald Dominique -- www.Severed-Cinema.comGay Sugar Cane Serial Killer given life sentence in late 2008. Ronald Dominique, a very homely 43 year old man, kidnapped and raped men in New Orleans, then raped them and either strangled them or suffocated them, leaving their corpses in sugar cane fields (think about that the next time you eat a candy bar). Most of the bodies were for some reason found missing shoes. Dominique’s rap sheet included rape, DUI, harassment by telephone, and disturbing the peace. He sure as shit disturbed the peace. One time a half-nude man jumped out of his window, an electrical cord wrapped around his arm, screaming that Dominique was trying to kill him. Now he is in jail for life, where there are no sugar canes to dump corpses. He got eight life terms, although presumably he will only serve one of them.

See you next column fuckers.

Da7id L Tamarin

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