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Unearthed Films Are Back From the Dead! Print E-mail
Written by Chris Mayo   
Saturday, 19 September 2009
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All you Unearthed Films fiends in withdrawals needn’t worry any longer.  Severed Cinema just got word of two releases coming soon from Unearthed Films.  Here's the press release:

Our 1st release in almost a year will be the underground ultra gore sensation Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is a gorehounds wet dream.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls DVD - Release Date: Nov 24th, 2009

What happens to a woman when she is abused by her parents, becomes a runaway at the tender age 14, is molested by a local priest who takes her in, and is then used and abused by nearly everyone she comes into contact with?

For Angela Aberdeen the answer is to turn away from the human race and all earthly reality by making a sacred pact with Satan. After enlisting his protection in return for her eternal soul, her first act is to burn down the priest's church as he lays passed out drunk on the floor. She then flees to the city where she develops a horrible addiction to alcohol and drugs. Angela quickly spirals downward in her journey to Hell. Stripping turns to pornography and prostitution, and as her deadly addictions tear her body apart, she realizes that even Satan has seemingly forsaken her.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is the opening film of the infamous Vomit Gore Trilogy directed by Lucifer Valentine. We must warn you that the thoroughly evil and outrageous DVD that you hold in your hands contains the answer to a very elemental question. How deranged, demented and depraved can one person's existence be? Are you willing to push the boundaries in order to find out? Are you confident enough to test the true strength of your grip on reality? Do you have the balls?

We also have the sequel to Slaughtered Vomit Dolls Called Regorgitated Sacrifice and it is even more deranged and out there as Angela Abeerdeen is escorted to Hell. Soon after that will be the 3rd in the Vomit Gore Trilogy. Title is in the works so once it is announced, we will announce it!

Right after that is a soon to be underground cult classic called... Flexing with Monty for Dec 8th! You can view the trailer here...

Flexing With Monty DVD - December 8th, 2009

Monty (Trevor Goddard) is a bodybuilder. His gym is the very heart of his existence. He is aggressively male, outrageously narcissistic and a bigot. Sharing this strange world is Monty's cerebral and emotionally wounded younger brother, Bertin (Rudy Davis). One stormy day, the brothers' bizarre but settled lives are suddenly disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Lilith (Sally Kirkland), a Catholic nun collecting contributions for an unusual cause. Lilith's arrival is the catalyst required to generate a momentous change in Bertin's relationship with his brother: a change that results in the astonishing and gruesome downfall of the vainglorious Monty.

Flexing has been getting rave reviews from Hollywood insiders and Unearthed is very proud to get out hands on this one of a kind film. See what some Hollywood A-listers are saying about it.

"Wild and Sensual"  Sean Penn

"Off the Wall Hilarious"   Danny De Vito

"Outragously Funny... My Kind of Movie" Robert Downey Sr.

Some quick background on Flexing with Monty.
Fourteen years in the making, writer/director John Albo's long-awaited film, FLEXING WITH MONTY, is finally ready to be unveiled to an eager and expectant audience.

A startling and unique personal vision, the film has already achieved cult status among the many people who were aware of its long and halting progress. Provocative in content and in style, the completed picture has been lauded by the likes of Sean Penn, Robert Downey Sr. and Danny De Vito as "exciting, sensual, and outrageously funny."

Evolving over time and overcoming all obstacles, FLEXING WITH MONTY began shooting in 1994 and wasn't completed as a fully realized 35mm film until 2008. From its inception, the film took on a life of its own, re-inventing itself through many phases of filming and, in the process, growing into a truly original and daring motion picture.

The making of the film was fraught with problems, some of which seemed insurmountable. The death of one of the producers was followed by the death of the lead actor, Trevor Goddard (star of Mortal Kombat, the popular television series, JAG, and featured in Pirates of the Caribbean). The shoot was halted for long periods of time until additional financing could be raised to resume production.
For all the problems FLEXING WITH MONTY encountered on its long and exciting journey to fruition, the film has grown in depth and in originality. Its mystique continues to flourish and now, at long last, Monty is ready to bare his "fleshy soul" to the world.

A John Albo Film
Produced by Carlos Guerra
Starring: Sally Kirkland, Trevor Goddard,
Mitch Hara and Michelle Zeitlin
Original Music by: Miriam Cutler
Cinematography by: Thomas F. Denove
Written and Directed by: John Albo

Country of Production: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Horror/Mystery
Year of Completion: 2008
Runtime: 90 minutes
Format: Color, 35mm film
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

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