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Volumes of Blood - Legless Corpse Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Directed by: P.J. Starks, Jakob Bilinski, Nathan Thomas Milliner, John Kenneth Muir, Lee Vervoort
Written by: Todd Martin, Nathan Thomas Milliner, P.J. Sparks
Produced by: Jim Blanton, P.J. Sparks
Cinematography by: D.P. Bonnell
Editing by: Jakob Bilinski, D.P Bonnell, Daniel Hiatt, P.J. Starks
Music by: Tony Mckee
Special Effects by: Lisa Duvall
Cast: Kristine Renee Farley, Jonathan Humphrey, Jim O'Rear, Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah, Alexandria Hendrick, Kevin Roach, P.J. Starks, Jakob Billinski, Eric Huskisson, Todd Reyonlds, Lisa Duvall, Courtney Eastmon, LouisaMaria Torres, Kevin Clark, Tommy Mason, Erin Troutman, Alex Vanover, Grant Niezgodski, Paige Ward, Garrett Smith, Gerrimy Keiffer, Brandon Whitehead, Shleby Miller, Treg Wike, Allen Eby, Elissa Grant, Dave Spencer, Jordan Phillips, Chad Ray, Robert Zambrano, Dinah Chapman, Chad Benefield, Dillon Schueller, Jeremy Glenn, Jeff Armstrong.
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 36min

Studio: Legless Corpse Films, Verite Cinema

Volumes of Blood is an energetic horror anthology that boasts some great twists, dialogue, effects and performances. In the tradition of films or seriesí such as Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, etcetera, comes this indie release distributed by the awesome Legless Corpse films label. Legless Corpse have deemed Volumes of Blood one of their most successful releases recently and has said it was well received when screened at various festivals. Actress Kristine Renee Farley won a best actress award for her performance in one of the stories.

Volumes of Blood revels in its use of twists and it keeps things fresh, sometimes a bit confusing because itís jumping all over the place, but it doesn't majorly deter from its overall effectiveness. The film moves at a fast pace and the actors give some lively performances to keep you entertained and engrossed. We get a lot of nods and references to different horror movies, so make sure you attempt to spot them at different points in the movie. There are also different movie shots, from movie covers to posters (whatever library was used for Volumes of Blood, I want to have a membership at especially if they are stocking the movies they show on their shelves from The Legless Corpse Films catalog).

We get some good jump scares and a dose of comedy thrown in the mix to move things along. Some of the twists definitely threw me off, especially towards the end. Itís like I almost felt I was watching something and got no pay-off, but I can't fault the filmmakers for wanting to do something different and doing a nice mind-fuck on the audience. When you think something is going the way it is, think again!

The main premise of Volumes of Blood focuses on a group of students brought together in a library to come up with Urban Legends ala Breakfast "Horror" Club, as their professor had discussed with his class earlier. They tell each other 4 stories in total, ranging from stuff about toxic energy drinks, to dead boyfriends coming back from the grave for revenge. All the stories are delivered in a tongue in cheek fashion with lots of razor sharp wit, piss and vinegar. I really dig the cinematography in Volumes of Blood and the music combined, especially in that opening aerial shot. Kudos to Tony Mckee and D.P Bonnell.

Director and artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (who does some of the best horror art known to man with his revision of horror classic covers of Scream Factory releases) returns to direct one of the shorts. Milliner directed a great film titled A Wish for the Dead which I also reviewed (here) and recommend picking up. Itís a great variation on the classic zombie tale but with a lot of character development and emotion-filled drama. Actress Kristine Renee Farley also appears in A Wish for the Dead. Another actor I recognize in Volumes of Blood is Jason Crowe from Scott Schrimerís latest film opus of lust Harvest Lake.

Volumes of Blood was released in a cool steelbook edition with extras. I understand it was funded by Verite Cinema's Unscripted Film School program at The Daviess County Public Library (where most of the movie takes place). It was a major project which brought together artists from all over Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. Volumes of Blood also has an original soundtrack featuring a bunch of indie bands. Contact Legless Corpse Films for more info on Facebook or at their official website to order it.



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