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White Trash Holocaust, The - Very Fine Crap Films Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 08 July 2016

A.K.A.: Dog Dick

Directed by: James Bell
Written by: James Bell
Produced by: James Bell
Cinematography by: James Bell
Editing by: James Bell
Special Effects: James Bell
Cast: James Bell
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 43min

Studio: Very Fine Crap Videos

The White Trash Holocaust (or Dog Dick), James Bell's debut short film is an entity all within itself. Nothing like his later stuff, Bell has documented a bunch of people here -- an ode to white trash if you will, as mentioned in the title. We get different people with different ailments. Some mentally handicapped, some just mentally unstable, plus a plethora of physically challenged people all documented on this twisted video diary. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason, just the random filming of different folks in different strokes of life.

Spliced in with the conversations with the people we get decaying animals. Dead kittens being beaten once more and thrown in a hole and set on fire. A bloody toe nail being picked apart. A guy throwing around the carcass of a dead deer and an amazingly twisted scene of a nest of caterpillars being set on fire and much much more. Part James Bell, part Harmony Korine, ala Gummo, it is an interesting and entertaining watch. The White Trash Holocaust shows that sometimes life is definitely stranger than fiction. Some of the folks he gets to go on camera are doing some very messed up and quirky stuff.

I enjoy the way the movie is presented. Itís like low-rent art gone wild in its rawest and purest form. Itís like watching Bell evolve from his earliest stages of this leading up to Nutsack Part I: Luciferís Cosmonauts. A freaky compilation of mixed sound clips, slowed down voices, background shots and wacky documentation. No doubt the violation of dead animals will upset some, such as the dead kittens and watching a car line up its tires to run over the dead carcass of a squirrel on the road. Bell told me during a scene where we see a baby kitten gasping for air, the kitten lives and itís the editing that makes it seem like the two kittens later were one in the same but are not. Bell found two long dumped dried up dead kittens, dumps them in a ditch, hammers them, sets them on fire and buries them. He also told me the live mouse that is hammered to death was found in a trap and was let out then hit with a hammer and you can see its babies come out as its squished. I'm not sure what Bell was going for with this but I've watched Marian Dora's work and interviewed him on the subject because he is loathed for the animal cruelty in his films. Dorian has told me he accepts no compromise for his art, even if it means animals are sacrificed. He is all about showing real and being visceral and not caring what people think. Bell has told me all of this has a hidden meaning for him much the same as the majority of his films.

The White Trash Holocaust comes at you as a myriad white trash documentary piece, fucking up shit for the sake of fucking up shit. Itís a twisted 43-minute journey into the world of Bell documenting family and people who lived in the same apartment building as him. Bell told me "Dog Dick is what it is, some people hate it (most). Some people don't. It has made a name for itself and is my best seller. Nutsack is my worst." Welcome to the world of James Bell. Your mind may never be the same again.


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