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User Rating: / 5
Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 19 February 2016


AKA: Vivre pour survivre, Valkoinen tuli, White Fire - Der Todesdiamant

Directed by: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Written by: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Produced by: Jean-Marie Pallardy, Alan G. Rainer
Cinematography by: Roger Fellous
Editing by: Bruno Zincone
Music: Jon Lord
Cast: Robert Ginty, Fred Williamson, Belinda Mayne, Jess Hahn, Mirella Banti, Diana Goodman, Gordon Mitchell
Year: 1985
Country: Turkey, France, UK
Language: French
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 41min

Distributor: Trans World Entertainment

A craptastic smorgasbord featuring the amalgamation of different countries, genres and actors to make this B-movie schlock-fest a winner by exploitation movie standards. White Fire directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy, a French model turned director, mostly known for his soft core erotic pictures. It was said that White Fire was and still is his most ambitious project to date, which is saying a lot because he tried to cram everything in here and he did even if it did not make a whole lot of sense.

White Fire has not seen a legit DVD/Blu-ray release as of the writing of this review and Trans World Entertainment did the honors on VHS. The movie is said to be a French-American-Italian-Turkish collaboration! The plot is as crazy as the acting performances, quick cut editing and brutally bad sound effects. With all of this White Fire has acquired cult camp status amongst genre fans.

I'll try to piece together the storyline as best as I can. In the beginning of the film we witness a family being chased by soldiers (I've heard German and Russian but they are unmarked, our main characters names are Boris and Ingrid so it would lead me to believe they are Russian) through the woods. The family are separated and the parents are killed while the two children, a boy and a girl escape into the arms of an American protector, by the name of Sam (Jess Hahn). We move forward twenty years later, to Turkey, where the two children who were saved are now grown up and have turned into jewel thieves. Bo (The Exterminator’s Robert Ginty sporting a golden mane of hair locks that would make Goldi-locks blush) and his sister Ingrid (the delicious Belinda Mayne) are robbing a bizarre diamond mine, where Ingrid is employed. I say bizarre because the mine conducts day-to-day business by exacting brutal justice to employees who steal from them by torture and death. The boss of the mine, Olaf (played by Gordon Mitchell who is greased up and ready to flex those muscles, he played Hercules in various roles and was known as a strong man of sorts) trusts Ingrid, it seems and has yet to catch her and deliver his brand of discipline. All the while sporting this goofy red space suit which most of the men who work there wear.

Lots of crazy plot turns and twists proceed, as Bo and Ingrid are found out by a rival gang of thieves, the legendary
White Fire diamond is discovered by Olaf, and Bo's sister Ingrid is killed, fortunately before copulating in an incestuous relationship with her brother. Many car chases and fights ensue including a great one where Ginty's character wields a Stihl chainsaw and carves up some baddies, as we see on the movie's box cover art. Bo grieves over the possible hot sex he could have had with his sister, Bo and Sam find a look alike to replace Ingrid, all the while the lookalike named Olga has a pimp named Noah (none-other-than Fred "The Hammer" Williamson) who is looking for her. The movie just goes on and on like this -- it’s one big jumble of crazy shit pieced together. Good news is Bo eventually does get to penetrate his sister’s look alike. Hooray!!!!

The film's theme song is performed by Limelight -- you'll get to hear it plenty of times. White Fire is one hell of a movie and crazier than a shit house rat. Honorable mention must be given to the sound effects crew for the chopsocky wet cardboard sounding punches during the fight scenes. We salute you! Robert Ginty's hair and that pink scarf thing he wears around his neck is also worth a mention! Track down a copy of this gem today, but don't say I didn't warn you!



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