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No Compromise: An Interview with Yan Kaos and Nemesis Bathory Print E-mail
Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 22 April 2016

Straight out of the hell-pit of the Canadian underground, Yan Kaos is an anarchist black metal punk with his indie company D.I.Y. Productions. An expert in the art of indie underground horror, the man has been a goliath of an iceberg in the middle of the frigid ocean, standing alone and delivering low budget Canuck gore at its nastiest and finest. Feel the severe shock from the freezing torment of the brutal Canadian winter turn the blood in your veins into ice. Kaos answers to no one and makes his movies his way. No compromise.  To those who do, fuck off and die! I have been in contact with him on a regular basis and have supported his gore visions and I have made it a mission to get this fellow Canuck some sick ass exposure, to peel back the skin and expose the bloody muscles and tendons, to dig in deeper to the internal organs, to get to the core of the gore.

What's your real name?

Let's say my real name is Yan Kaos.

How did you get interested in underground gore/horror movies? Take us way back to when your fascination peaked and what were some of the earliest ones you watched as a teenager even? When did it all start?

 I first started watching horror when my dad was watching some horror films back in the 80's. Of course he didn't know I was watching. I was hiding and silently watching until I got caught (laughs). After a couple of years, at the age of 10, we were able to rent some films at the depaneur, a place where you could buy beer, cigarettes etcetera. They used to rent movies back then. I must have rented everything they had! All the classics were there -- the Hellraiser films, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Friday the 13th. The movie that really grabbed me by surprise was Street Trash. I watched it when I was 10-years old! The amount of gore effects featured in it was a big wow for me. After that, I knew I had to dig deeper into the underground.

What films made you say to yourself, I can do this or I can do better? What got you into making low budget underground gore movies?

The most inspirational film for me is Guinea Pig: Flowers Of Flesh And Blood. After watching several crappy indie films by some not-so-good directors, I thought, why not try doing my own stuff. I needed to fill my movies with the provocative gore scenes that not allot of directors had the balls to do!

I understand you were in a number of punk/metal bands. Tell us all about the bands, how you got started with them, names, styles etcetera.

I've been in several bands. I'm just going to name the most significant ones to me. The first one is Diearea, a punk/hardcore/thrash band that I started in 2007 and ended late 2008. We did three gigs in Canada, one in Montreal, one in Ottawa and the last one in a little suburb. After that I started a project with my cousin called Nuclear Sentence, a speed/black metal band. We did three albums that we never released, all in the same year, 2009. It's like a story that follows each album. It's about the apocalypse, death, the end of the human race, radioactivity, some H.P. Lovecraft inspirations etcetera. I have a third one called Reign of Emptiness. Some of the songs in my movies have been taken from those musical projects. My cousin is now doing the music for my upcoming film. His name is Marc-Andre "Butcher" Boucher. A big thanks goes to him. He's a musical freak! Cheers if you read this!

How many movies and shorts do you have completed now with your label D.I.Y. Productions and what upcoming movies can we expect?

Three shorts and one full movie. My first one is called Wrong Dose, Bad Reactions. After that one I did Meat Butcher Baby, the one who put me on the map. After that, the unholy sick deviant and depraved Necromance: A Love Story and the last short I did is called La Veuve Noire. I also made three gore anthologies of gore short films from around the world, featuring Meat Butcher Baby on part one and Wrong Dose, Bad Reactions on part three. Me and Nemesis Bathory did some snuff/gore presentations between every three shorts on all the anthologies. It was a little homage to Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, but Yan Kaos style! I'm now working on Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death and right after I'm attacking the editing of Meat Butcher Baby 2. Then I'm planning on finishing shooting La Veuve Noire: Gorgasm and Sexual Lust!

 What does it mean to you being from Canada, such a politically correct country and making these types of films? I know a fellow Canadian filmmaker and special effects artist Remy Couture got into trouble with this obscene act Canada has seemed to introduce regarding movies and particular websites.

I think Canada is far behind European countries and the U.S. People here are only into commercial stuff or the big names in the underground. Not a lot of support from Canada, that's for sure, but some outcasts like myself sometimes raise from the Hell pits of the underground to find my stuff!

A lot of filmmakers are taking the Indiegogo or fundraising approach to getting their film out there. Explain why you haven't tried to do this in getting your films released?

No because it's a dangerous move to do. If you are not able to finish the project or it takes more time than it was supposed to, people get pissed and it can fuck your name real bad. I like taking my time and having total freedom and control of my own creation without someone owning me. I want to say thanks to everybody that has contributed to my projects. I have my own way and it works perfectly.

You've acquired a close partner on your journey, a beautiful lady by the name of Ame Lee. Could you give us her real name? Or Nemesis Bathory, she has become your movie model/actress/co-director and partner in crime. You two make a great pair. How did you come to meet and did you get her into liking underground gore/horror?

Her name is Ame Lee. I can't reveal her full name. I met her at a mutual friend's funeral and that was it. At first glance I knew she was special. She had the look that kills. She was already into horror and was after watching the stuff I did before. She was really interested in playing and helping with my future projects, La Veuve Noire, Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death and Meat Butcher Baby 2: Twin Sisters Massacre and the Angel of Death. She is the main actress in those projects and she also helped me with the filming, gore effects and so on. She has brought new aspects to my films and she has given her soul for them too. I really love working with her. Our personal relationship and our working relationship are completely separate and different. Ame is my partner, my friend ,my lover and my life and death.

All your underground fans are sad to hear you will only be making a few more movies and you are moving on. What are your future plans and do you plan on releasing, or even continuing to put together your popular gore anthology compilations even if you are not making movies yourself?

I need a big break. I've been really busy for the past two years with my movie projects. I might do another gore anthology, part four, but after that I'm going to focus on finishing my high school to get my diploma. After that I want start doing more gore photo shoots with Nemesis Bathory. I did a couple already. The most well known one is the gore anthology cover part three.

You are from Montreal. What is the underground horror movie scene like there and what is your opinion on the Canadian horror movie scene in general, good or bad?

Not much of an extreme horror scene in Montreal except for Eric Falardeau, director of Thanatomorphose, Izabelle Grondin, Frederic Maheux, Roadkill Super Star (Turbo Kid, La Bagman) and another guy who did a crazy gore short film called Head from the Spasm 2 Gore Shorts Films Anthology from the Montreal area, that I forget the name of.

What are your favorite Canadian horror directors and films at the moment?

 My favorite director from Canada is Karim Hussain with his movie Subconscious Cruelty. One of the most extreme films I have ever seen and especially for the year it was made in 2000. The gore in the movies were almost non-existent in those years. Damned censors and the ones I have mentioned in the previous question.

What music are you listening to at the moment? What bands are your favorites?

Speed/black death metal and punk/hardcore. There are too many to mention, but lets say Bathory. They are one of my all time favorites.

What movies are you watching at the moment? What are your favorites or stuff you don't like?

Everything that is really gory, extreme, deviant and out of the park. The sickest films ever made on the surface of the planet earth. Just to name a few, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Vomit Gore Trilogy, A Serbian Films, Life and Death of a Porno Gang, Sick Girl, Subconscious Cruelty, Neighbor, Antichrist, Inside and Premutos. I won't name what I don t like but lets say I hate lots of overrated movies and a lot of pretentious directors of the underground without saying names and festival organizers who think they are Gods. F.O.A.D. to all of them!
This is a personal question of mine. I understand from Facebook posts made public, not to snoop into your personal life, that Ame has or had a serious medical condition. Is she recovering and doing okay now? We want you guys healthy and wish you all the best.

Yes we got some good news, she will be ok.

Tell us a little about D.I.Y. Productions and how it got started. Is it just you and Ame or do you have anyone else helping you?

 It all started with Meat Butcher Baby, which was the first appearance of the D.I.Y. Productions slogan and since we do everything ourselves and we are all from the punk/hardcore metal scene, it was natural for us to be D.I.Y., do it yourself. We have been doing it since a young age. It's really easy for all of us. The D.I.Y. crew is me, Nemesis Bathory and our editor Yannick B. and no it is not me (laughs). We are only a three piece crew.

I understand your big into movie trading and selling. Tell us some of your best finds and where you found them?

I've been trading for a really long time now. It all started with metal tapes and vinyl's and continued with horror DVDs and VHS. I find my movies in stores, used stores, I also trade with people on Facebook and close friends.

On average how much does it cost you to make one of your movies? How did you figure out the special effects, how to do them? What's the best thing to use for blood, body parts and guts?

I won't reveal any of my magic tricks. I'm doing black arts from an early age so I have learned everything by myself and if have studied a lot of camera plans and angles from some of the horror movies I have watched. That's about it.

Finally, what do you have to say to your fans and the people out there who want to make gore films like yourself? Any inspiring words?

Thanks to everyone who bought our sickness and supports us. To all of the directors or future directors, never shit in the hands that feed you and don't be scared to push the limits and break the boundaries. Let the blood flow. Stay sick and gory everyone.

Yan Kao's partner in crime, Ame Lee, this sleek temptress, also adapting the moniker Nemesis Bathory, is the dark, sexy and gothic model gracing most of Yan's work and also Yan's right and left hand, arm, brain, body and everything in his movie making endeavors. With her sick and deviant support and artistic expression, Lee has propelled Kaos to be the best at his brutal craft. Lee is a force to be reckoned with herself and we look forward to the twisted and psychotic projects she has in the works. Canada needs an empress of gore and Lee can split open the floodgates with a hacking, ripping and tearing severity.

What is your real name and how did you first get into underground horror films or even horror films in general? How far back even as a kid/teen did you notice you had an interest in the dark arts?

 I donít want give my real name because I want to separate my private life from my horror life. Itís two different worlds for me because some people in my family donít understand this way of life and they judge me for doing these kinds of things. So, itís the reason why I donít want to reveal my real name. I have watched The Exorcist at the age of 13 years old and it blew me away. My love for horror movies started at this time. After that I watched some stuff from Stephen King, Carpenter, Fulci and Dario Argento. Then, Yan introduced me to underground horror films and the first one we have seen together is Nekromantik, one of my favorites by the way. I always had a fascination for occultism and black arts in general.

What do you do besides horror films collaborating with Yan?

Iím studying early childhood education at home all day long also, I take care of my daughter and do all the things a mother should do (laughs).
How did you and Yan meet?

We met at an unusual place. It was at the funeral of a mutual friend. At the first look, we had an instant connection itís like we knew each other for a long time. We had the urge to be together since that day. It was not only a physical attraction, it was really more powerful.

When you're shooting a film, who is the boss on set, you or Yan?

We try to boss each other. Seriously, sometimes itís Yan, sometimes itís me. We are a team and we try to incorporate both of our ideas.

I understand you have taken an extreme liking in underground cinema. Do you have any plans to work on your own material for a future project?

Yes, I have a project starting to take place inside my head, but I will not tell too much about it. Itís a surprise.

When shooting low budget films, you have to get creative. What are some shortcuts or techniques you've developed to make the scenes in your movies come to life?

 I wonít reveal our magic tricks. Yan doesnít want me to talk about it.

How do you choose locations for shooting and what types of locations do you normally look for?

We are looking for the luminosity and also for the good camera angles. We are always trying to find the most creepiest places with the darkest atmosphere for building our movies.

What are some of your favorite movies right now? Underground horror or not, even mainstream films.
Crazy Murder directed by Doug Gerber. Subconscious Cruelty by Karim Hussain. La Meute directed by Franck Richard and Yolande Moreau and Adam Chaplin directed by Emanuele De Santi.

List some of your favorite music right now, any kind.

MotŲrhead, Wendy O William, Oxymoron, Ramones, Misfits, Slayer, Venom and many others, the list will be too long.

Have you ever done any modeling or other published work in the past?

 No, I only did couples of shooting for fun with amateur photographers.
This is a personal question, but from the social media posts I've seen, you've been battling an illness, are things going good with this?

Yes, itís over for the moment. I will see the doctor in two years to be sure that everything is still ok.

I understand you have children and Yan does too. How do you balance your family life and such extreme movies? Do you show your kids the movies or not, do you try to explain to them about it? I know as a father myself when I watch a horror movie one of my sons can get pretty inquisitive and ask questions. We've watched Turbo Kid -- which my wife was not so happy about -- but nothing else except for Monster Squad or Gremlins.

My daughter knows about our horror works but she doesn't watch horror movies except Shawn of the Dead and Gremlins like your son. She's not there when we are filming our stuff and we decide to not talk about it anymore because she was asking too many questions.

Where do you see your future in Underground horror? I understand Yan is taking a break. Will you continue to pursue making underground horror movies in the future?

He wants to take a break but I think heís going to be back on track very quickly. Iím going to make some projects on my own in the future.

What are your upcoming projects? I understand Blood Orchestra is up next and then Meat Butcher Baby 2. Then another gore anthology and Gorgasm: Sexual Lust? I am currently checking out Gore Anthology 2 and 3 and have to watch The Black Widow. I have also yet to see Wrong Dose, Bad Reaction as well (reviews are all pending), love your work.

Thatís about it for the moment. I'm really busy with my studying and I want to finish it before doing something else. Thank you for the interview and to everyone who supports us.

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