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Zombie Infection - Toxic Filth Video Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 26 August 2016

AKA: Инфекция зомби

Directed by: Alexander Sharoglaznov
Written by: Alexander Sharoglaznov, Rod Sweitzer
Produced by: Olga Gramer, Ted Vernon
Cinematography by: Alexander Sharoglaznov
Editing by: Alexander Sharoglaznov
Special Effects by: Alexander Sharoglaznov and Vasily Agapov
Music by: Harry Bromley Davenport, Victor Guzhavin, Sergey Khodich
Cast: Ted Vernon, Richard Vidan, Rod Sweitzer, Alexander Malus, Viktor Murzikov
Year: 2011
Country: Russia
Language: English and Russian (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 10min

Studio: Shan's Horror Films
Distributor: Toxic Filth Video, LeglessCorpse Films

Zombie movies have no doubt over saturated the market to the extreme, especially now with a little show known as The Walking Dead. I still have a soft spot for German low budget zombie gore movies and they are still delivering with many gory glory days of low budget splatter, to this day and recent movies like Untot: Undead Unleashed are doing it right with a love for nonstop underground low budget gore fare.

Russian director Alex Wesley (or Alexander Sharoglazov as he's actually known) delivers to us a low budget zombie splatter film which would make his mentors proud. Zombie Infection is filled with gooey-faced ghouls wandering around feeding on human flesh and guts galore. Sharoglazov has a love and passion for the genre and given this low budget he can pull off some great make-up effects. 

What makes Zombie Infection work is the great camera work and visuals which permeate throughout the film. The screen focuses on black and white shots with an emphasis on a few very bright pastel looking colors. I love this style of shooting -- its original, daring and very cool looking. When the gore and blood come into effect the red colors look all the more powerful on the greyish style background. All the practical make-up effects look great for sure.

Zombie Infection mixes Russian and North American actors but takes place in a small Russian village. A scumbag U.S. NSA leader, played by Richard Vidan (Terminator 2) puts forth a plan to contaminate the water in the village as a chemical warfare experiment. Vidan’s character sends in Rod Sweitzer (star of soap operas such Guiding Light, The Bold and the Beautiful) to do the dirty work. At the same time a former colonel played by Ted Vernon (boxing legend The Wolfman, star of Scarecrows and numerous movies) returns to the village to visit his brother. Once the toxin is in the water it starts infecting the whole village.  Sharoglazov also got infamous German Underground splatter king Andreas Schnass (Violent Shit), Claudio Fragasso (Hell of the Living Dead, Troll 2, Zombie 4) and Harry Bromley Davenport (director of Xtro who also helped out with the music in Zombie Infection) to do cameo appearances. Sharoglazov told me he practically went broke trying to get these great actors in the film, that it was a dream to work with them and he is proud that he did.

Lots of zombie carnage ensues and the movie becomes a gore drenched bloodbath. The acting ranges from decent to just bad, which is the norm in this type of stuff. Vernon adds a touch of charm but his performance is strictly tongue in cheek and over-the-top, especially when his character is also named colonel Vernon! It’s basically style and good gore splatter over substance. The English subtitles are poor and obviously roughly translated from Russian but get the point across and there is some goofy humor thrown in from time to time. We also get a bit of a twist at the end. Zombie Infection is shot very well, very crisp and the rustic and rough setting of the village is a highly effective and original location for this zombie fest.

Sharoglaznov has also made a couple of other films called Tumors, Gallery of Gore and short films like Mutilator from the Grave, using some of the same actors in Zombie Infection. Alexander is currently making a movie called Demon Mind which will be released soon. If you’re interested you can donate to the film by contacting Alexander Sharoglaznov on Facebook. Zombie Infection was released by LeglessCorpse Films on Blu-ray and will soon be released by Jason Toth's Toxic Filth Video, which you can find on Facebook. Sharoglaznov also has a rare Russian shockumentary series titled Traces of Gore which has Volume 1 and 2 available on Toxic Filth Video which you can find on Facebook or by contacting Jason Toth. Special thanks to Alexander Sharoglaznov for letting me check out his epic zombie gore opus.




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