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Written by David L Tamarin   
Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ugly World by David L. Tamarin --


Double 0 -- as in James Bond, 007, means a license to kill.  Dr. Michael Swango, medical doctor from hell, also had a license to kill -- a medical license.  He didn’t help put terminally ill patients to sleep.  He was a serial killer of woman, children,
Photo of Dr. Michael Swango on Severed Cinemamen, the old, the dying, and anybody, all over the world, and his crimes were neatly covered up by the medical establishment, which showed itself to be just like the Roman Catholic Church in its willingness to go to any length to cover up for and help out criminals and enable them to continue killing for decades.  One person speaking out could have saved so many lives.  But the medical establishment showed their true ugly colors in this awesome tale of poisoning, murder, and obsession with violence and death.

Novel "Blind Eye" written by James B. Stewart on Severed CinemaBlind Eye” by James B. Stewart is an incredible story of one of the most prolific mass murderers in the history of the United States, who, despite plenty of evidence, almost got away with his crimes, and was allowed to keep committing them for years and years despite the fact that it was known throughout the medical community that he was a serial killer.  Swango was given a prison term for a minor crime and was sentenced to serve only a few years, when investigative reporter James B. Stewart, a Pulitzer Prize winner wrote "Blind Eye," published in 1999.  Due to the revelations in the book, Swango was tried on murder charges and given a life sentence, despite the efforts of the medical community, Swango was finally put away in 2000.

Why did the medical community support Swango?  Because he is a doctor.  And as is in the case of priests and police, they are a self-governing group and will go to any lengths to cover up the crimes of their colleagues. What happened with Swango is eerily similar to what happened to thousands of priests.  When they were caught engaged in misconduct, they were transferred to an unknowing community, with the glowing recommendation of former colleagues who knew all the sordid details.  Every time he was fired, every time he was accused of misconduct, every time he went to prison for battery by poison, his supervisors crushed any investigation into his crimes, wrote false recommendations to other institutions in other states, who went on to hire him.  Eventually his reputation grew so infamous he moved across continents to Africa, where he went hopping from country to country, until he was involved in a new scandal and was fired.

Photo of Dr. Michael Swango on Severed CinemaWhat types of scandals was he involved in?  An extremely high incidence of death among his patients, with some estimating his death toll at the rather conservative 60 murder victims, dozens on non-fatal poisoning victims, and he even caused his wife to commit suicide with his constant lies, mistreatment, and her realization that he was guilty, using her to appear normal.  He was seen many times giving patients injections -- even though it is protocol for nurses, and not doctors, to administer injections, and many of those he injected lapsed into paralysis and often death.  His colleagues, wherever he went, showed signs of arsenic poisoning.

Dr. Michael Swango was a morbid killer obsessed with violence and violent death.  He kept scrapbooks of newspaper articles on violent death, poisonings, car accidents, and serial killers.  He worked as an Emergency Medical Technician -- the first person to arrive at the scene of an accident, and he loved -- LOVED -- his job.  He got a major adrenaline rush when there was a particularly terrible accident.  He loved the violence and gore, and morbidly discussed it with his colleagues, many of whom were offended by his callous bloodlust.  He was cruel and rude to patients.  Most disturbingly, he described his favorite activity, the thing that got him the most sexually aroused -- when a child would die in surgery, he would volunteer to tell her grieving parents the bad news, which he did in a callous and sadistic way, and he once stated that it gave him an erection to tell some dead young girl’s parents that their child was dead -- something he often did with the knowledge that he himself was responsible for the death.

He idealized accidents, and described his Ultimate Accident scenario.  A busload of kids smashes into a truck filled with fuel and there is a big explosion and burning kids are thrown through the air, with their severed limbs, and heads landing on a wire fence that ripped the body to pieces, resulting in a massive wall of fiery dead and dying children.  This was the ultimate sexual fantasy for Swango.

At one point he had a job where he was responsible for the water supply of an entire town, and people involved expressed their fear that he had planned to poison the town.

Still from "Four Weddings and a Funeral" on Severed CinemaTime to go off on a slight tangent, to discuss serial killer Carl Panzram, the subject of a recent biographical film from director John Borowski.  Panzram too had mass death in his mind.  One of his plans was to rob a bank and finance flying a plane over Britain and dropping enough bombs on the country to fuel a US-UK war that would kill millions.  He too dreamed of poisoning the water supply of an entire town, killing every last man, woman, and child in it.

Back to Swango.  One of the tragedies of the case was its use as a justification for the media-inspires-violence point of view, as Swango was fascinated by several books and films, and his fascination with these certain books and films was used in the case built against him, and which eventually resulted in his receiving life in prison.  The various works of art that were blamed for Swango’s violent fantasies borders on the ridiculous, as his favorite film (despite some news reports that I read that contradicted this) was "Four Weddings and a Funeral" with Hugh Grant, and his love of this film was used to prove that he was a serial killer.  This is extremely dangerous territory for the first amendment.  If such a film inspired or encouraged a mass murderer, then there would be some justification in banning it to prevent it him from driving others to kill.  The fact that one of the works cited is a Hugh Grant family comedy doesn’t stop the people from making this argument, and does not allow them to see the stupidity of blaming "Four Weddings and A Funeral" from causing anything other than the urge to take a nap.

After all, Swango was literally convicted by the media, in particular the publication and bestselling success of the book “Blind Eye” brought his case back to life when it seemed like a conviction would be impossible for anything more serious than fraud.  And part of the argument laid out in “Blind Eye” is that proof of Swango’s guilt can be implied or even proven by his ownership of certain books and his admiration for certain books and films.  And evidence of his possession of a particular book was used as a reason to find him guilty of assault, and in fact was a key piece of evidence.

"The Poor Man's James Bond" on Severed CinemaPicture Number 8 in the book is a photograph of evidence seized by the state in 1984 when his Illinois apartment was raided, and one of the items is “The Poor Man’s James Bond” which has a skull and crossbones on the cover and contains recipes for various poisons.  It was found near handwritten poison recipes used by Swango.  Possession of the book was used in the argument against Swango.

What were Swango’s other crimes, according to book?
Still from "Pulp Fiction" on Severed Cinema

He loved "Pulp Fiction."

Unbelievable as it may seem, this was used as evidence to support the theory that he is a serial killer and a psychopath.  Swango asked a couple to watch the film him, and “The film was exceedingly violent and bloody, with a particularly intense scene of sadomasochistic torture. Within ten minutes, the Lorimers were horrified and wanted to turn off the tape.  But Swango was fascinated, insisted on watching, and said afterward that he loved the film.”  The Lorimers were particularly offended because, as the author states, they thought he was a Christian, and no Christian could enjoy such a film.  But look at the argument.  Think about how "Pulp Fiction" starts.  Tim Roth and his girlfriend hold up a diner.  This lasts several minutes and cuts to the credits.  This cuts to Samuel L Jackson having a prolonged discussion with John Travolta.  They talk about foot massages and Amsterdam and Royales with Cheese and more.  Then they break into the apartment of some kids who stole some drugs and they confront the kids.  One is quickly shot, and then we have a heated intense scene of confrontation where Jackson drinks the kids’ soda.  Someone runs of the bathroom, firing a gun and missing the two men completely.  At this point, we are over 15 minutes into the film.  There has been one shooting, but it was quick and bloodless, and probably happened more than 10 minutes into the film.  So, based on the first ten minutes of "Pulp Fiction," is it believable that these people were so horrified that they would be begging Swango to turn the movie off?  Does enjoyment of this film constitute sociopathic behavior?

Still from "12 Angry Men" on Severed CinemaHis next sin: he found the classic "Twelve Angry Men" to be brilliant, and he was a fan of classic movies.  "Twelve Angry Men" is the story of a jury deliberating a murder charge, yet the movie has little violence. By simply acknowledging the movie to be a brilliant film he somehow is indicating that he is guilty of a whole series of crimes!

Finally, he loved "Four Weddings and a Funeral," and somehow violence and death were a frequent topic of discussion for Swango.  Upon reading this, I began to actually question his guilt.  He was alleged to be macabre, because he enjoyed mainstream films like "Pulp Fiction" and had one of the classics of subversive writing.

"High Risk" on Severed CinemaWhen he lived in Africa and similar charges were leveled against him, his apartment was searched, and authorities were stunned to find a copy of the anthology "HIGH RISK: Aa Anthology of Forbidden Writings" that contains chapters by outsider artists such as William S. Burroughs and Kathy Acker, and Karen Finley.  I am a proud owner of this book, and I am not ashamed to admit it.  My ownership of the book in no way indicates that I am prone to violence or anti-social behavior, and I would assume most people who have read the book or parts of it are not serial killers obsessed with violent carnage and poison.

The author redeems himself by exposing the corrupt “peer review” process by which only doctors are considered fit to judge other doctors and an attitude of fierce protection of all doctor crimes, and the desire to cover up the crimes, and transfer the offender to somewhere new to start victimizing.  In other words, doctors, like pedophile priests and killer cops, can count on their brethren to help them commit crimes, get away with crimes, and find new locations to commit those crimes and new victims.  Just as the entire priesthood has had its image destroyed by the pedophilia scandal, hopefully this book will make you aware that all doctors, in a sense, are guilty and part of this corrupt system.  They seek to make money, avoid blame, and avoid lawsuits, as opposed to practicing medicine or helping people.

OK, that is it for this Ugly World.  I wanted to get something published so that I can get back on track and start writing these on a more regular basis.  But I’ll say a few last things before this issue ends.  John Borowski’s documentary on Carl Panzram was an incredible documentary about this serial killer, and it is a shocking film, because we learn the real violent abusers in society are the men who run prisons and jails, not hoards of violent serial killers.  Most of the brutality in the documentary is pain suffered by Panzram, not inflicted by him -- it is a compelling shocking documentary, and now, he is a few dollars away from collecting his goal amount on his latest social marketing campaign -- to raise money for what will surely be a fascinating documentary on serial killer culture that will feature individuals like Joe Coleman -- so find his campaign at:

Newsbreak -- With days to go he has raised the requisite amount!

Here’s a first, I have some things I want to promote (hey, the column is free at least!).  If you go to my AMAZON page, you will find several Kindle stories, please consider buying one of the Kindle short stories! is my page.  The story I want to promote the most is “What Happens in The Attic” which deals with supernatural surreal war crimes and Obsessive Compulsive murder behavior that is kept within a diseased family.  PTSD, the cyclical nature of violence, the scarring effects of war, horrible sexual atrocities, and more, fuel this surreal nightmare available exclusively at Amazon:  Warning: it is very sick.  Also check out the book Amazon kindle banned, which is currently sold in censored but still sick version called “What Did You Do?”  The full story is called “What Did You Do To The Children?” but they would not run it.  Some day I hope to make available the uncut version of the stories -- any publishers with some guts out there??

NUMBER 13 is coming very soon…

If you were offended by Number 12 and it’s bashing of the medical establishment, get ready for my next diatribe as I trash that evil bitch known to many as Sister Mother Teresa.  But I’ll reveal the truth about this bitch who belongs in hell.



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Paul McHale   | |2013-03-14 22:18:08
David L Tamarin is the man, some one needs to publish his stuff, its twistedly
David L Tamarin  - UW     | |2013-03-24 16:57:49
Thank you, bot there is no publisher on Earth who will publish my fiction.
Ray Casta   | |2013-05-05 15:15:29
Excellent article. keep up the good work
Ray Casta   | |2013-05-05 15:15:56
keep up the good work, gr8 article
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