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Written by David L Tamarin   
Monday, 18 January 2010
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Ugly World by David L. Tamarin --


The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia is an entire museum dedicated to medical oddities, old-fashioned terrifying medical equipment, strange fetuses in jars of formaldehyde, conjoined fetuses, and a tapeworm I can fit into (not an exaggeration).  If anything embodies Ugly World it is the Mutter Museum, as it has the inherent contradiction of this column of being beautiful and ugly.  In an illustrated 2002 coffee table book (yes I have this on my coffee table and no I don’t have visitors), grotesque freaks of nature are photographed in beautiful black and white, strange skin conditions are reconstructed using wax and other mediums -- the Museum mixes art with reality, giving us the beautiful and the hideous. Cherubic three-way conjoined twins glowing in bright light may terrify some but at the Mutter Museum they make it beautiful.

According to the book, the Museum’s collection of photographs “stretch the boundaries to find beauty not in its conventional form, but in its opposite: the deformed, the broken, the disfigured body of those who suffer physical abnormality, trauma, or destructive disease.”  That is a summary of what this column is all about.

The museum is located in Philadelphia, in kind of a shitty neighborhood.  I recommend taking a tour if you are nearby, but if you can’t make it check out their book, full of deliciously grotesque images.

Superfetus is an ugly nasty book about ugly nasty people -- and one pissed off superfetus determined to live, despite his white trash mother’s attempts to abort him.  She is unaware she is fucking with Superfetus.

This novella is an extension of Adam Pepper’s short story of the same name, which was a big hit at the Gross Out contest (see last column for a review of Wrath James White’s Sloppy Seconds and the history of the event).  The original story blew me away (it was painful to read) and this new novella has taken the original story elements and added in a whole new level of white trash (and some multi-ethnic trash too!), sleaze, dysfunction, and abjection.

Everybody whines and cries and hates each other.  Her life is hell on earth, in a way that is hilarious to the reader, or at least this reader.  This novella could work as a population control device -- no one who reads it will want to have kids.  So it is impossible not to relate to the Superfetus’s mother, even though she is the enemy of Superfetus, our hero, because you can feel and understand her agony at the miserable life she has with too many loud family members and not enough free time or privacy.  Any good misanthrope can understand this view of the human race as a bunch of pieces of shit in human skin.

At the same time that I pity Superfetus’s Mommy, I can’t stand her and her constant whining.  I want to fucking hit her!  It is her annoying pitiful whining and bitching that makes me root for little Superfetus. She is adamant that she doesn’t want another goddamn kid, so when she gets pregnant again, she decides to have an abortion, not knowing her fetus is no mere fetus, but Superfetus!

Sex, children, family, and life in general are all described in the most ugly vile ways in this novella and that is why it gets an UGLY WORLD Stamp of Motherfucking Approval.  Here’s a line from Superfetus that I love, “If she doesn’t stop soon, I swear I’m gonna rip right out of Mommy’s belly and beat the shit outta her.”

Life, sex, children, family- all made extremely fucking ugly.  And hilarious. 

More about the author of Superfetus at

Last summer, a 17-year-old UK student went missing. This summer, his killers were put on trial for murder.  A trio of sadistic killers kidnapped him, tied him up, poured gasoline down his throat, and all over his body, then lit him on fire.  He escaped when the intense heat of the fire burned through the ropes tying him up.  He fled from the scene, on fire, choking on burning gasoline, then collapsed and died, after which his killers threw him into a ditch.  The cause of death was not the fire but inhalation of the gasoline.  One of the killers got the idea for the torture-murder after watching the film Severance, which featured someone being murdered in a similar way.  The killer asked if it would be wicked to kill someone like in the film, leading to the death of the student.

Speaking of setting people on fire and the media, a Florida youth was badly burned when some kids set him on fire.  He called for help while on fire and on the recorded phone call he can be heard screaming in agony as he burned.  Over 4/5 of his body was severely burned and witnesses noticed that his skin literally was sloughing off from the intensity of the burns.  The burns were so severe that the young teen was put into a medically induced coma, a necessary measure to prevent death from shock and agony.

The teens who burned him threw flammable materials on him, lit him up like a fat-ass blunt, and laughed and laughed as he burned. This was in mid 2009 and it is not known if he will survive.  If he does he faces years of plastic surgery.  Why was he set on fire?  He supposedly forgot to return a video game to one of his tormentors.  These video games make kids violent!  Actually, the video game was incidental to the assault; there was just a bunch of mean kids looking for an excuse to torment and hurt someone.

This incident reminded me of the film Bully, mentioned before in this column, as it is a true story also dealing with bored, violent Florida youth.  It is the Sunshine state after all.

The sickies at skullvines press have been releasing some great writing recently, including their Tabloid Terrors series, all of which feature grotesque violence and really, really, really sick sex with various animals, monsters, and supernatural creatures. This volume, the first of the series, involves sex stories with the Sasquatch monster, also known as Bigfoot...

Most of the stories are by the two editors, Jerrold Balzer and S. D. Hintz, with an additional story by Mark McLaughlin.

The first story, I Was A Sasquatch Sex Slave, involves cross-dressing, incest fantasies, masturbating Sasquatch monsters, Sasquatch gang-bangs, Sasquatch voyeurism and some way twisted bestial sex.  A gang of Sasquatch peep on a couple and furiously masturbate to the site.  But masturbating isn’t enough -- they want more… and they get it.  Soon we have Sasquatch filming a sex video and jerking off as one of their own molests our main character. When he tells his friend “One put his fucking cock in my mouth while the other took a picture,” the friend responds, “You didn’t wake up with a big, hairy dick in your mouth”.  Later the narrator complains of the “taste of Bigfoot cock” in his mouth.  This is the type of obscene and funny dialogue and bizarre situation that populates this collection of Bigfoot-fuck stories.

Freakenstein VS The Undead: Manmade Monster Found at Ancient Burial Site by S. D. Hintz contains some hilarious puns and a parody of Hollywood films that left me laughing, and was one of the funniest stories.

The rest of the stories are equally, if not more bizarre. You really have to read this book to appreciate the strange, odd, sick, perverse nature of it.  This is some UGLY SHIT!  Its comedy, but ugly, sick, gross and nasty comedy that I hope my UGLY fans will like.

This novella also gets the UGLY WORLD Stamp of Motherfucking Approval.  It's fucking sick, and it's funny, and it's, above all, a lot of fun to read.  If you’ve just watched Martyrs or Irreversible and want something a little less intense yet equally twisted than be sure and check out Tabloid Terrors.

Also recently released -- books by Cullen Bunn and Wrath James White (see review last column of Wrath’s Sloppy Seconds).  Available at

Dexter is a show made for cable television about a serial killer who works as a blood analyst at crime scenes.  He finds other serial killers, whom he tracks down and kills.  Dexter is the show’s anti-hero, and his victims all seem to deserve to die. 
Because of the show’s popularity, it became inevitable that it would be linked to violent crime.  Or more accurately, it became inevitable someone would blame Dexter for a violent crime.  When kids kill, their parents can’t deal so they look for something to blame, and television and film, sex and violence is the easiest and most convenient scapegoat.

Our first Dexter story is a pretty sick one.  A 17-year-old boy brutally, and I mean brutally (he finished the act with a 20-minute strangulation), murdered his 10 year old brother.  After dumping the corpse in a ditch he went to his girlfriend’s house where they watched The Green Mile, a film based on a Stephen King story involving the murder of children about the age of the younger murdered brother.  Bad Dexter!  Bad Mr. King!

Kevin Derks of Madison, Wisconsin is a guy with a child porn shrine (you can’t go anywhere in this guy’s house without seeing kiddie porn images).  He plastered the walls, ceiling, and every other
surface with various images.  Every inch of the house is an image of child pornography or something else sick involving sexual thoughts towards little girls.  Included in the images were pictures of the young Olsen twins with comments he wrote in which the twins claimed he was cute and wanted to engage in sexual activity with him.  He would go to the beach and take pictures of young girls.  It is not known if the guy has actually molested anyone or if he is just turned on by underage girls, but either way he gets the Pervert of the Month award.

Also found in his apartment were two store mannequins -- one was a child mannequin -- in sexual positions, fondling each other’s genitals, a bed covered with stuffed animals, pictures of girls he took at local beaches, tons of DVDs of child porn, pictures of underage movie stars such as the annoying  Dakota Fanning and the Olson Twins.  There were pictures of Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted when just 14 and raped and tortured for close to a year, and most disturbing, a Hannah Montana lamp with MAKE LOVE TO ME MOM written on the side.

OK, so he is a sick fuck, but at least he’s not a violent threat to society... or is he?  The guy with the shrine to nude sexually violated little girls also had over 20 firearms as well as a stockpile of ammunition.  What the fuck?

His reasons for this apartment shrine to child porn?  As the world gets worse and worse, he became more aware of how beautiful children are.  He also found dolls and mannequins beautiful and kept a collection of them.  Derks has had long running fantasies involving mother-daughter sex acts as well.

In a typical cowardly move one would expect from a pedophile, he fainted when officials tried to interview him about the child pornography.

Tony Alamo, the psychopathic  Arkansas preacher who married and deflowered little 8 year old girls in the name of god, making this guy not just a Pervert of the Month but Scumfuck of the Month for his religious hypocrisy and blatant abuse of
power.  Little girls were threatened and scared so that they wouldn’t tell  on him for molesting them.  Worse, he took them across state lines to separate them from friends and family.

Most repulsive of all: after receiving a 175-year sentence, he praised god and then exclaimed “I’m glad I’m me” and not the deceived people of the world who believe those little girls, whom he claims are all liars.  Douche.  One woman who testified against the evangelist was just 8 when she was made a bride to this religious pimp.  Tony Alamo, the evangelist, claimed she was lying.

David Steffen was convicted of rape and murder and sentenced to death, after going to a young woman’s house and slashing her throat so deep he nearly severed it from her body.  He admitted to the murder but not the rape and was convicted of both and sentenced to death.  Something seemed odd about the charges.  The killer freely admitted to killing her but denied the rape.  He even admitted to attempted rape but conceded he could not achieve an erection.  Yet the presence of semen led to his rape conviction, and the rape was an aggravating factor that led to the imposition of the death penalty.  If he didn’t rape her, where did the semen come from? Who ejaculated into the victim that night?

Kenneth Douglas, a 55-year-old morgue worker and convicted drug trafficker with a fetish for homicide victims had fucked her corpse prior to the autopsy, while she was still freshly dead.  Problem solved.  Police are now going over the files to see if there had been any other false convictions caused by Douglas’s necrophiliac activity.  In their investigation they determined that this was not the first time the man had fucked a freshly dead homicide victim.  I’ve heard of some strange fetishes and paraphilias, but this is the first I have heard of someone attracted to corpses of freshly dead murder victims.  The name of his crime is ‘gross abuse of a corpse’.  Is it possible to abuse a corpse in a way that is not fucking gross?  Imagine a charge of ‘pleasant abuse of a corpse’.  We’ll probably never know how many corpses this guy grossly abused, but he has committed three confirmed acts of necrophilia and other sex acts with corpses in his 16-years as a morgue worker.  In 2009 he admitted to other past acts.

Stay sick, see you next month!


David L Tamarin


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