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Written by David L Tamarin   
Friday, 12 March 2010
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Ugly World by David L. Tamarin --

UGLY WORLD 9 by David L Tamarin

Warning: reading Ugly World may cause spontaneous head explosion, pulsating priapism, hair growth in the eyeballs, genital deformity, post-traumatic stress disorder, sadistic and homicidal ideation, facial deformation, anti-social activity, pyromania, gynophagia, explosive lactation (in both males and females), unquenchable thirst for human blood and brains, Ebola virus, growth of eyeballs in the mouth, mania, deviant sexual behavior, methamphetamine jones. horrible happened and I don’t think I can write this column anymore. I need to make some major changes to my life before I go insane or just lose control.

Snuff movies are real, and I should know because I just saw one. I thought it would be ‘bad-ass’ and ‘hardcore’ and that somehow I would enjoy it.  I’ve felt miserable ever since I watched it.  I feel like the video did permanent damage to my soul.  More than anything else I feel scared.  That shit is real.  Those people are out there.  Getting murdered is a reality and I feel like it is going to happen to me as karmic payback for watching a snuff tape.  The people who made the murder tape know who I am.  I’m one of only about four people who have seen it.  What if they decide I know too much?  What if they need a star for their next film?  I’m scared because maybe part of me liked watching it, and part of me wants to see more -- or worse.  I had this nightmare where they forced me at gunpoint to torture and kill someone.  They made me rape her and I think I had a wet dream or something, because I remember the feeling of shooting my seed into this screaming dying bleeding woman.  It’s like the snuff tape has infected my brain.

Since I’ve told you this much, I might as well tell you about what I saw on that tape.  The victim was a female firefighter.  They had abducted her after a meth house exploded and she was called to the scene. I guess seeing the burned dead bodies of the children freaked her out and she let her guard down.  They had been down the block, on their way to the meth house to score, when the explosion happened.  The firefighter had walked away from the scene.  They saw her vomit on the sidewalk and stagger towards their van.  They saw she was crying.  Her terrible fucking luck.  Her fate was sealed.  She stumbled right by their van, vulnerable and unaware.  They slid the door open, someone smashed her head with a rock and they pulled her into the car and drove off.  That was it for her.

The first part of the tape starts with the fire.  They had just pulled over to the curb and parked when they saw the explosion.  Someone got out a tape and started filming.  You could hear them talking about how lucky they were for not arriving five minutes later.  They filmed the fire trucks arriving at the scene, followed by police cars.  One of them asked if anyone knew who was supposed to be at the house.  “They’re probably all dead.  The guy has like four kids and a girlfriend.”  They filmed the fire fighter staggering down the street, and the abduction.  One of them slapped her and asked why she was crying.  She told them about the kids’ dead bodies.  “Fuck the kids, I can’t believe how fucked we are.  That was our fucking primo connection.”  He seemed to blame the firefighter for this and punched her in the face.  She was knocked out, but still slightly conscious, her eyes bloodshot and half opened, staring at nothing.  She didn’t even react when they started slapping her.  “Let’s snuff this cunt.

Then one of them grabbed her face, put it up to the camera.  He laughed and said, “That’s the end of Part 1 of our little film.  This here bitch is the star.  We’ll see you for part 2 in a few minutes.”  He manipulated her face to make it look like she was smiling, then he drew his finger across her neck and said “Cut.

The screen went dark for a few seconds and then it showed the inside of a large storage shed.  The firefighter was now naked and tied to a chair.

I won’t even tell you what I saw.  I'm sorry.  But I can give you a few little details.  They started with spiders and then a bag filled with wasps put around her head, then the pliers, the hammer, the Bunsen burner, the kicking, the stabbing.  Smashing her limbs with baseball bats until all the bones were shattered.  I’m sorry, I really don’t want to tell you about the details, maybe another time when I don’t feel like I do now.  It ended with them taunting her about being a firefighter, and asking if she thought it would be ironic if she was burned to death.  Then they got out the kerosene and did it.

When the tape was over I ran for the front door and got the fuck out the apartment I was at.  That’s why I feel strange, and don’t want to write this column anymore.  I don’t want to read anymore about all that shit I write about.  Seeing how real torture and murder is -- how awful, how impersonal.  It was like a test and I realized this shit isn’t for me anymore, so this will have to be the last Ugly World column.

I’m just kidding, and if anyone has a real snuff tape please contact me through my facebook at:

Some very strange crimes have occurred in the nation of Brazil recently.

Wallace Souza had a popular true crime television show.  He was also a corrupt man who worked with corrupt cops.  And he is also a politician, a Brazilian legislator.  This turned out to be a convenient combination.  He would arrange to have political enemies killed, and then he would be the first one to show up at the crime scene, guaranteeing high ratings.  This guy was actually staging multiple murders just to get him better television ratings!  There must be some intense competition there.  He also happens to be a member of the legislature and has ‘legislative immunity’ which will prevent his prosecution.  Many people were killed, and one target was a prominent judge.

He finally fell under suspicion when people realized that his television crew was appearing at murder scenes even before the police.  One ‘reporter’ was on the scene so fast he could smell the flesh of one of the victims burning.  That, coupled with his history of corruption, led to an investigation and the filing of charges against him.

Another Brazilian killer will get away with multiple murder through a Brazilian legal loophole.  This killer happens to be a 17-year-old female, and the world’s most prolific teen serial killer.  A  young serial killer, who has not been named due to her status as a minor.  She confessed at age 17 because if she were caught after she turned 18 she would be considered an adult.  So she murdered well over a dozen men, starting when she was in her early teens, then confessed prior to turning 18 to avoid serious prosecution.  As of yet, her full story has not been verified but police are taking her seriously.

Some of the most brutal, vicious torture murders have been committed by husband-wife couples.  These couples tend to be much more brutal than the average serial killer.  For them, torture is a game, not a way to kill someone.  They abduct their victims and keep them captives for weeks or months, torturing them repeatedly.  They keep their victims in basements that have been turned into torture chambers, or backyard compounds.

Most of the couples in this book have several things in common: 1) They are comprised of a husband and wife.  2) They have a specially built room or building or trailer for the sole purpose of torture.  3) They abduct their victims and take them to the torture chamber for months of sexual assault and torture. 4) Victims are often children.

In other words, these are the sickest of the sick.  Nothing is more evil than prolonged torture.  Unlike other  serial killers these people are in it to cause pain and hurt and torture, not to kill.  On the ‘Evil Index’ they occupy the top position.

Several things about the book’s introduction annoyed the fuck out of me.  The author, Tammy Cohen, is a delusional, hypocritical, judgmental, sentimental fruitcake, as evidenced by her embarrassing introduction.  And while the book is great she did no research or interviews.  She merely read a bunch of serial killer books and summarized their contents.  Thus this book has no new information that cannot be found elsewhere.  Her Bibliography contains the sources of all of the information in the book.  However, it is a good summary and relatively well written, and the author was able to make me cringe (although considering the subject matter it would be impossible to not make me cringe).  Think of two 8-year-old girls starving to death over a period of two months in a dark cellar room no bigger than a closet.

In the Preface, in the second paragraph of the book, the author states that although we may look at these vicious torture serial killers as monsters, they are just as human as us.  “There are no monsters, only monstrous crimes” she states. Three pages later, in the introduction, she states that in most of the cases in the book, “Love may have created a monster, but it’s a monster that wears a scarily ordinary face.”  Did you proofread your book?  Does John Blake Books have an editor?  The book has two opposing theses -- that we are all people, some of us commit monstrous atrocities, but it’s wrong to judge these people as monsters -- they are human like us.  At the same time her view is that there are monsters in human form, predators out there without any human traits.  Are these serial killers three-headed beasts?  Can they fly?  Are they zombies?  Obviously they are humans just like the rest of us, committing monstrous acts.  So within the first few pages of the book the author reveals herself to be a hypocrite, perhaps a moron.  And I knew then that much of the information in the book may be incorrect.

The author seems to be obsessed with romantic movies and feels that life should be just like one.  According to the author, the love songs we listen to (?) and the romance movies we see reinforce her important message that “love makes you a better person.”  What?  Ever heard of domestic assault?  Restraining orders?  Most homicides are committed by a family member or close acquaintance -- despite the proliferation of serial killer films, books, etc., most murders are not committed by strangers.  In fact, the premise of the book that these killer couples are aberrations is wrong because love so often leads to violence out of jealousy, rage and passion.

Anyway, the book itself is very interesting and I do recommend it, unless you want to seek out the source material and read about the crimes in more detail.  Included are tales of young children locked in basements, unconscious women being raped, all types of vicious torture and monstrous behavior -- all committed by couples, most of them husband-wife couples (there is also a bizarre mother-son crime couple). are a lot of gruesome details and a great chapter on the infamous Karla Homolka “Ken and Barbie Killers” case, definitely the most fascinating (and disturbing) section of the book.

See you next time.  Look forward to the following in 2010: cocaine cowboys and a black widow who was responsible for 250 murders.  The Black Dahlia murder finally solved -- and five people were involved.  The killer is NOT George Hodell, as alleged by his son in the book Black Dahlia Avenger.  Newly released evidence and some good investigative work has solved this notorious 60 year old mystery.  I’ve got some really bizarre sexual fetishes to tell you about.  More information on “Killer couples,” husband and wife torture-rape-murder teams, such as the well know cases of the West family and Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, mentioned earlier.  This is some seriously sick shit.  I’m talking abduction of innocent children followed by months of rape, torture, then finally murder.  The worst, most brutal and sadistic crimes committed by human beings.  The infamous “Toybox” torture dungeon where women were subjected to one of the most vile violations imaginable.  There will be a review of the true crime “Toy Box case,” one of the most disturbing crimes in the annals of crime history.  We'll have torture devices, new reviews of sicko fiction, and much more.  I’ve been conducting research that makes me want to vomit for this fucking column so you better come back and keep reading them!

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S.J.  - Snuff   | |2010-04-09 03:08:18
I was about to say, "You lucky fiend!" then you came clean...though it
would've been dorty had you actually seen one.
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